Copenhagen Personality and
Social Psychology research group

@Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

We conduct research across areas of personality and social psychology with the
common goal to understand and predict social cognitions, emotions, and behaviors. In doing so, we consider the power personality traits, the immediate situation, and the broader sociocultural context. We also engage with multidisciplinary perspectives and conduct research across domains of behavioral economics, cultural psychology, evolutionary psychology, environmental psychology, health psychology, political psychology, as well as work and organizational psychology (and more).

Our research draws on a variety of methods, including online, lab, and field
experiments, agent-based simulations, and “big data” analyses, as well as
ethnographic, observational, and other qualitative methods.

Through our research, we aim to develop and refine theories of social interaction and we also aim to apply these theories to inform practice. As such, we want to create positive change around significant global challenges, such as mitigating climate change, eliminating disease, improving the well-being of individuals, groups and communities, understanding cultural pluralism and economic inequality, and
preventing intergroup violence.

We are committed to theory-building, socially-relevant psychological research that follows open science principles.