Cooperation Colloquia (AC3)

Spring 2021: Every second Friday on Zoom
15:00 GMT+1 (Amsterdam/Copenhagen) / 14:00 GMT (London) / 9:00 GMT-5 (New York)

Programme Spring 2021

Date Speaker Title
Feb 26 Simon Gächter
University of Nottingham
Why do people follow rules?
Mar 12 Giuliana Spadaro
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
The Cooperation Databank
Mar 26 Jörg Gross
Leiden University
The social dilemma of self-reliance
Apr 9 Coren Apicella
University of Pennsylvania
From selfish beginnings:
Tracing the evolutionary origins of cooperation using data from hunter-gatherers
Apr 23 Brent Simpson
University of South Carolina
Radical Flanks and Public Support for Protest Groups
May 7 Liran Samuni
Harvard University
Strong social relationships and cooperative exchange in wild chimpanzees
May 21 Zegni Triki
Stockholm University
Biological market effects and cooperation in the cleaner fish mutualism
Jun 4 Shakti Lamba
University of Exeter
New methods in the study of cooperation
Jun 18 Eleanor Power
London School of Economics
When does reputation lie?
Dynamic feedbacks between costly signals and social prominence

About the AC3

The Amsterdam-Copenhagen Cooperation Colloquia (AC3) are a series of online talks on interdisciplinary cooperation research. The series is sponsored by the Amsterdam Cooperation Lab at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (PI Daniel Balliet) and the Personality and Social Psychology Group at the University of Copenhagen (PIs Robert Böhm and Ingo Zettler).

With the AC3, we aim to provide a forum for recent research on cooperation in humans and other animals. The series is interdisciplinary and international by design. The AC3 will feature speakers working in a wide range of disciplines (anthropology, biology, economics, psychology, etc.) and with a variety of methods (lab and field experiments, ethnography, experience sampling, computational modelling). We are especially committed to a diversity of speakers, including those who may otherwise face barriers to speaking at departmental colloquia.

The AC3 are organised by Shuxian Jin at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Simon Columbus at the University of Copenhagen. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any queries.